The RetroScripts Writes Membership brings together people of various writing skill levels with open minds and creative souls looking to enhance their writing ability while still honouring and navigating their personal journey of self-discovery.

A RetroScripts Writes membership is the perfect way to connect with a growing writing community of like-minded individuals. Whether you’re looking to meet other writers, business owners and life lovers or take part in a wide range of programs, workshops and events; there is something of interest for writers and readers of all kinds.

Many of our members are just beginning on their writing journey; while others run successful businesses, are published authors, or want to release their thoughts through writing.

All Membership Tiers include:

  • Reduced registration fees for writing workshops and programs
  • Access to support services
  • Online community space
  • Daily writing inspiration
  • Weekly co-working sessions
  • Monthly virtual writing sessions
  • Weekly writing prompts
  • Access to E-guides and PDFS
  • Virtual Webinars
  • Discount on all purchases for RetroScripts Writes or RetroScripts Creates
  • Invitation to appear in the Writers Corner ( promote/ have your work appear on the RetroScripts website and social media)
  • Connect with other like-minded people

BONUS: Informational sessions with publishers, editors, graphic designers and many other professionals in the business!


Get Writing- $15/month
$170 billed annually

Whether you’re an avid writer or just dipping your pen into the pot, this membership encourages you to take a step out of your comfort zone with expert support.

  • Bi-weekly dedicated online writing time
  • 1 weekly writing prompt
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Access to E-guides and PDFS
  • Zoom meetings to connect with other like-minded people

Member Plus- $25/month
$250 billed annually

As a writer, you can feel your imagination spark and want to dive deeper into your writing exploration. This level encourages you to continue with your writing goals, and set up a plan of action with expert support.

  • Weekly dedicated online writing time
  • 3 Weekly writing prompts
  • Monthly email check-in
  • 30 min writing brainstorming session every month
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Access to E-guides and PDFS
  • Zoom meetings to connect with other like-minded people

VIW (Very Important Writer)- $50/monthly
$550 Billed annually

Whether you’re writing novels, workbooks, or perhaps for business, writing is now an important part of your life. You’re looking to expand concepts and become more dedicated to your writing practice while honing your skills

  • Weekly dedicated online writing time
  • 5 Weekly writing prompts
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • One hr writing brainstorming session every month
  • Monthly Webinar
  • Access to E-guides and PDFS
  • Zoom meetings to connect with other like-minded people
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Invitation to appear on 4 podcasts/blogs

Great for:

  • Those looking to expand their writing knowledge.
  • Gaining introspection through reflective pieces.
  • Getting to know yourself better.
  • Businesses looking to drum up writing content for social media or blogs.

Writing can often be a lonely task but with this membership, you’ll be able to remain accountable and stimulated while exploring the magical world of writing on YOUR terms!

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