Content Repurposing Package

 Professional Writing Support

This package caters perfect to coaches, small business owners, experts and healers with busy schedules. I specialize in repurposing your existing content, which may include workshops, presentations, social media posts, newsletters, blogs, and more, transforming it into fresh and valuable material.

All you need to do is share your previous posts with me, and I’ll wield my linguistic skills to keep your audience well-informed, engaged, and up-to-date.

Blogs are transformed into captivating social media posts.
Social media posts evolve into insightful blogs.
Blogs and posts are reshaped into catchy newsletters.
The potential is boundless!

Where Do We Start?

In our initial session, we will identify the specific assistance you require and determine which platforms (such as social media, newsletters, Mailchimp, etc.) you employ to convey your information. Together, we’ll craft an actionable plan that takes into account your deadlines, posting schedule, and objectives.

Here are a few sample questions you may be asked:

What content have you been using for your clients?

What would you like to focus your repurpose on?

Are there particular posting dates or deadlines you need to adhere to?

What writing style or tone do you prefer when creating or providing content for your clients?

What Happens Next?

Following our initial meeting, you will initiate the process by emailing me your existing content pieces. Please specify where these pieces will be utilized (whether it’s for a blog, social media, newsletter, etc.) and any particular requirements or requests you may have.

Once the revisions are complete, I’ll send the pieces back to you through Google Docs for your review and feedback. Further adjustments will be made as needed, upon your request. If graphics and images are necessary, they can be provided via email or through Google Drive, based on your preferred method.

Monthly progress reports will highlight:

  • Accomplished tasks for the month
  • Suggestions
  • Review of previous action items
  • Upcoming goals


This comprehensive six-month commitment package includes 10 hours of monthly content creation, priced at $565 per month with taxes included.

Every 30 days, you will receive an invoice. Upon the completion of the initial six-month period, you have the option to continue with a rolling contract or extend your existing six-month contract.

Should you require more time or additional support each month, you can opt for a la carte 5-hour blocks, available for $250.

Feel free to reach out to me today! Let’s have a conversation about your specific needs and how you can concentrate on serving your clients while expanding your business with expert assistance.

Furthermore, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Enhanced clarity and confidence in your skills.
  • Increased motivation and a deeper sense of connection through your writing.
  • Time reclaimed for other priorities.
  • Goal setting to establish a clear roadmap for your writing endeavours.
  • Greater accountability to stay on track with your writing plans.
  • Access to a supportive, non-judgmental environment.
  • The fulfillment of your objectives.

3 things I gained from working with Kimberley:

  – A better thought process for writing

  – The courage to read my work to others

  – A deeper appreciation for journaling


Writing Program

Very satisfied. I gained knowledge on the process of editing and publication, how to organize social media, and an overall confidence in my writing!


Writing Program

I have been a closet writer all of my life, and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to share my writing skills in a safe and inviting environment.  I feel like my writing spark has ignited into a larger flame and I’m ready to tackle a larger project and let my light shine.


Writing Program

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