Content Repurposing Package

 Professional Writing Support

This package is perfect for busy coaches, small business owners, experts and healers! I repurpose your information from past created content: workshops, presentations, social media posts, newsletters, blogs, etc, creating new and valuable content.

All you have to do is send me your past posts, and I’ll work my magic with words to keep your following informed, interested and in the loop. You will also receive hashtag suggestions and weekly reports/ suggestions.

Blogs become captivating social media posts.
Social media posts become insightful blogs.
Blogs and posts become catchy newsletters.
The possibilities are endless!

How Will We Begin?

During our first session, we will define the support you are looking for and establish what mediums (social media, newsletter, Mailchimp, etc) you are using to provide your information. We will also develop a plan of action that considers your deadlines, posting schedule and goals.

Here are a few sample questions you may be asked:

What content have you been using for your clients?

What would you like to focus your repurpose on?

Do you have specific posting dates or deadlines? 

What tone do you like to use when writing or supplying content pieces for your clients?

We will also establish if you need graphics to be supplied for the pieces, posting support or hashtag suggestions. 


Then What?

After our initial meeting, you will begin to email me your past content pieces to be reworked based on where they will appear (blog, social media, newsletter, etc) with any specific requirements or requests you may have.  

Once completed, pieces will be sent back via Google Docs to be verified and critiqued. Further edits will be made upon request. If graphics and images are needed, they will be supplied either via email or Google Drive, depending on your preference. 

Once you are happy with your pieces, you can post or schedule them on your desired platforms. Alternatively, I can do the posting/ scheduling to further free up your time!

Monthly email check-ins will highlight:

  • Tasks accomplished for that month
  • Suggestions
  • Review of past action items
  • Upcoming goals


This six-month commitment package includes 10 hrs per month of content creation priced at $565/ month, taxes included. 

Every 30 days, you’ll receive an invoice. After six months, you’ll enroll in a rolling contract or extend your existing six-month contract. 

Need more time or support each month? Additional 5-hour blocks are available a la carte for $250.

Contact me today! Let’s chat about your needs and how you can focus on your clients while building your business with expert support. 

In addition, you will…

  • Gain focus and confidence in your skills
  • Gain motivation and more connection through writing
  • Reclaim your time
  • Set goals to develop a plan for your writing
  • Gain accountability
  • Follow through with your writing plans
  • Have access to non-judgemental support
  • Accomplish your goals

3 things I gained from working with Kimberley:

  – A better thought process for writing

  – The courage to read my work to others

  – A deeper appreciation for journaling


Writing Program

Very satisfied. I gained knowledge on the process of editing and publication, how to organize social media, and an overall confidence in my writing!


Writing Program

I have been a closet writer all of my life, and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to share my writing skills in a safe and inviting environment.  I feel like my writing spark has ignited into a larger flame and I’m ready to tackle a larger project and let my light shine.


Writing Program

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