Our mistakes, the pieces of ourselves that we deem broken,

the ugly cracks we try to hide hold so much beauty and power.

My goal is to make everyone see the awesomeness within themselves. 

– Kimberley Rivando- Robb

“Kimberley’s compassion for the human spirit is evident in her meditations and mantras.  She has the DNA to inspire, uplift and encourage your progress through this writing experience.  Her unapologetic, non-judgemental, and interactive approach to Life Unleashed Writing makes one want to forge forward and become a better communicator.  Do I recommend Life Unleashed Writing – ABSOLUTELY!! YES!!”

Theresa S

Interior Decorator

This was an amazing experience, I loved everything about it. It brought me a lot but if I had to choose only three, I’d say confidence, flow and creativity (letting go, stop thinking too much and following intuition).

Aude L


Our team at Imperial Lifestyle Management really enjoyed working with Kimberly and building our own personal vision boards and also 1 for the entire team.  She guided us and had us step outside the box to really dig deep to what is truly important to us. This process helped us align our goals as a team. I highly recommend this as not only a team building exercise but also an individual journey.

Imperial Lifestyle Management

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