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Welcome to RetroScripts Creates!

We invite you to converse, dance, express, and unveil your creative endeavours without limitations! I’m talking to all of you artists, musicians, painters, designers, writers, actors, dancers, potters, small business owners… CREATIVE SOULS!

This community serves as a secure haven for creatives of all backgrounds and skill levels to discover inspiration, gather insights, and push beyond the conventional as we exchange our unique journeys.

RetroScripts Creates stands as the vibrant, unconventional counterpart to the meticulous and structured RetroScripts Writes.

She celebrates those who seek to flow through life, breaking free from the confines of societal norms.

She encourages you to unearth your wild,
free spirit connected to nature &
unleash the daring,
authentic version of yourself.

She creates nurturing space for creativity that transcends boundaries.

Whether you identify as an artist, musician, painter, baker, cook, designer, writer, actor, dancer, potter, business owner, nurse, maintenance worker…

e ALL can harness the power of creative energy.

Our mistakes, the pieces of ourselves that we deem broken,

the ugly cracks we try to hide hold so much beauty and power.

My goal is to make everyone see the awesomeness within themselves. 

– Kimberley Rivando- Robb


We are all navigating our own distinctive life journeys, and here, we uphold a NO-JUDGMENT policy. Our pasts have shaped us, and we eagerly anticipate our futures. The choices we’ve made are personal, and unless you’ve walked in another’s shoes, unjust criticism or judgment has no place here.

We embrace fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. In our courses and workshops, I encourage participants to provide feedback on the presented work. If someone shares a valuable tip or insight, let’s fearlessly explore it and push the boundaries of our creative styles.

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed by your thoughts, lost in introspection, or in need of assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether through a call, text, or message, I’m here for you. Discussing your writing and knowing there’s someone on the other end can be remarkably comforting.

Belief In Yourself and Others.
Throughout my teaching experience, a common refrain I’ve heard is, “I’m not creative” or “I can’t _________, I lack creativity.” The truth is, at our core, we are all storytellers because as humans, we revel in sharing and chronicling the experiences of our lives with one another. Creativity is merely a vessel for preserving those narratives, exploring fantasies, and delving into uncharted territories. If you can wield a pen in my book, you’re already well on your way to becoming a formidable writer. A paintbrush? You’re an artist. The possibilities are endless.

Unleash Your Creative Spirit
Create without inhibition. Set that pen to paper and witness what flows from within you—don’t shy away from it! Dance with boundless freedom, paint with the fearlessness of blending colors, hike and truly connect with the experience. Make those mistakes we were once sternly told to avoid in school and dare to break the rules!

This is your space to reveal what sets you apart, imperfections and all!

Let loose, venture, shed tears, break into a smile, burst into laughter, unleash your passion…

Unshackle yourself from all constraints!


Group Courses and Programs

RetroScripts Creates offers innovative programs tailored to unite individuals with diverse skill sets, open minds, and creative spirits. Our aim is to facilitate the exploration of creative pursuits while respecting and guiding each person on their unique path of self-discovery.

Self-Paced DIY Programs

In our fast-paced lives, I value your time, whether it’s dedicated to creativity, family, or personal endeavours. To accommodate your schedule and preferences, we utilize a variety of resources such as videos, modules, slideshows, guest speakers, and printable PDFs.

The self-paced modules empower you to:

  • Select the timing that aligns with your learning preferences.
  • Absorb and expand your knowledge at a pace that suits you best.
  • Reach out to me whenever you require guidance or assistance.
  • Access supplementary teachings on my blog for further insights.


RetroScripts Creates is dedicated to promoting emotional and mental well-being for individuals from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. Our mission is to empower people along their life’s path by fostering strength, providing support, and cultivating positivity through creative avenues. Our programs and workshops are designed to resonate with a broad audience seeking to achieve their objectives, deepen their self-awareness, and unleash their inner strength..


 Unleash Your Pen: Mastering the Art and Skill of Expressive Writing Course

October 14th – November 11th, 10am- 12:30pm
(4 Saturdays)

“Kimberley’s compassion for the human spirit is evident in her meditations and mantras.  She has the DNA to inspire, uplift and encourage your progress through this writing experience.  Her unapologetic, non-judgemental, and interactive approach to Life Unleashed Writing makes one want to forge forward and become a better communicator.  Do I recommend Life Unleashed Writing – ABSOLUTELY!! YES!!”

Theresa S

Interior Decorator

This was an amazing experience, I loved everything about it. It brought me a lot but if I had to choose only three, I’d say confidence, flow and creativity (letting go, stop thinking too much and following intuition).

Aude L


Our team at Imperial Lifestyle Management really enjoyed working with Kimberly and building our own personal vision boards and also 1 for the entire team.  She guided us and had us step outside the box to really dig deep to what is truly important to us. This process helped us align our goals as a team. I highly recommend this as not only a team building exercise but also an individual journey.

Imperial Lifestyle Management

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