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Writing Accountability, Support and Coaching

RetroScripts brings together writers and creators of various skill levels with open minds and creative souls looking to explore their writing abilities while still honouring and navigating their journey of discovery.

I provide several services, from book writing to life documentation, content creation and writing coaching.

Workshops and Webinars

You can either join us for an upcoming public workshop or bring us to your group, business, association, organization or school to facilitate one of our themed workshops!

Webinars aim to educate you on the many interesting elements of writing, storytelling and content creating.

Accountability and Support

This Accountability and Support program will help you to gain focus, stop procrastination, gain motivation, reclaim your time and set goals to develop a plan for your work and social media content.

Untethered Words- Write Your Book

You can feel that burning story swirling through your thoughts. You’ve come up with a brilliant concept, you can see the characters as clear as day, and the narrative is consuming your mind. You’re dedicated, determined, and ready to take the leap.


Every person on Earth has a unique story, has travelled down different paths and experienced events that no other person will encounter in the same way. These lives contain lessons, quotes, and monumental stories that deserve to be shared with others..

Premade Crafts

The RetroScripts SUPPORT ME PACKAGES for Writers and Creatives. Each item has been specially designed and handmade with positive energy to captivate your five+ senses and aid in your focus and relaxation. It considers the drive and passion you feel towards your craft and aims to support you as you journey through your unique process.

Ghost Writing

Essentially, I am the craftsman to your genius, I may write the words, but we are co-creators on this project. This process will leave you feeling accomplished, excited, rewarded and, best of all, represented. Although other ghostwriters can write your story, I provide an intimate one v one experience that reduces stress and captures your vision on a personal level.


Release Your Story

Unleash Your Creativity

Discover Your Writing Style

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