With this video podcast I’m looking to improve connection and storytelling not only in my immediate community but worldwide. I truly believe that one of our problems as a human race is that we have social media platforms that show us highlights of life, snippets of the truth, really. The issue? We don’t take the time to truly listen to each other’s stories or find the connections that tie us together. The human journey is made up of so many layers, and I want to peel back those layers and get to know who you are underneath.

The goal is to reconnect, slow down and travel back to a time when humans sat around fires and shared their best, exciting tales and created verbal stories that others passed on, legacies.

Due to the Covid- 19, we cannot meet face-to-face (hopefully this will change in the future) to conduct these sessions so each month, I will ask a guest to join me in an online video-recorded session to share a few true stories from their lives. They can be funny, serious, life changing, contain an opinion or lesson, educational or just entertaining. The sky is the limit when it comes to topics to chat about. 

If you or someone you know has a story that will entertain or change a persons perspective please reach out to me in the comments below or email me at kimberley@retroscripts.ca

Episode 1- Jennifer Wallace

Get to know more about Jennifer

Business owner? Grow your business with Jenn! 

“I’m born and raised in Niagara, and haven’t ever really explored the world outside my backyard and a day’s drive away. I’m committed to my community and enjoy volunteering for causes and organizations I’m passionate about, including supporting the arts and women’s organizations.
I’ve been self-employed for some time, first being in the family business from the age of 20 and then pushing out on my own just over a decade later, creating a business and brand that was more reflective of my own professional values and personality. And here I continue to work to help others improve their lives and reach their goals.” – Jenn Wallace

Episode 2- Ben Skinner


Ben is a trans/non-binary person of colour living in Kitchener, ON. He plays elite level rugby, is a graduate student studying Global Governance at the Balsillie School of International Affairs and works at a Peace Research Institute called Project Ploughshares.

 Ben: “My ‘coming out’ story is complex and multifaceted, which I think ultimately lends itself to being relatable for a lot of LGBTQ+ people. It is filled with highs and lows, making for a dramatic saga that ultimately ends with a message of love and hope.’

Episode 3 – Ali Rutherford


 Ali’s story of loss and resilience will inspire and make you think about the unique way we all maneuver life and cope with change. At only 32 years of age, Ali has experienced a level of loss that many of us would struggle to understand. After her husband’s tragic passing, followed by the sudden and unexpected deaths of both her Dad and Step-Mother, she has had to pivot and regain her footing in the under talked about and confusing world of grief, death and life beyond.

Ali is an inspiration with her determination to remain on top of her mental health and willingness to speak about her experiences- with a smile!

Episode 4 – Theresa Sawchuk

Get to know more about Theresa

Are you ready to face your fears?  Theresa’s inspirational discussion about stepping into and speaking your fear is one that will leave you thinking for days. After leaving the financial security of a position that she had held for close to 19 years, Theresa started the business of her dreams.

Follow along as she talks about the lasting effect of COVID on her personal life, family, business, and the global impact it’s having on all aspects of life.


Episode 5 – Theresa Czajkowski

Get to know more about Theresa

Theresa is a tutor who works with parents and caregivers of young children to learn and build new skills with play experiences. She grew up physically challenged due to a birth defect and had to learn how to navigate the world the way able-bodied people do because that’s who she was surrounded by. Join me in welcoming Theresa as she talks about advocating for oneself, living with empathy, and thriving despite limitations. 

Episode 6 – Amber Taylor

Get to know more about Amber

Amber has spent the last 4 years trying to heal and reconnect with herself. She is now understanding that she is not who she used to be and has opened herself up to embracing infinite possibilities. This has lead her on a journey of synchronicity, divine timing and expanding her own view of herself. Diagnosed with bi-polar, depression and ADHD she originally sought out traditional western experts only to feel more disconnected. Through a series of synchronistic events she has now connected with a reiki healer and homeopath who opened her eyes to her multidimensional self. She has healed in ways she never thought she needed, has found alignment with her soul and is developing her mediumship through tarot and medium sessions so that she can help others.

Episode 7 – Ralph Robb

Get to know more about Ralph

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you had taken a different path? Who would you be, where would you be?

Born in Wolverhampton, England, to Jamaican parents, Ralph has had to endure and thrive despite the many limitations and obstacles that life has provided. In this podcast, Ralph reflects on his journey as a young black man growing up in a troubled city. Listen in as he details his experiences, struggles, opportunities and life lessons found within sports that helped make him the author he is today. Writing is his passion and escape from the real world, and he invites his readers to take part in the adventures brewing in his mind.  

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