With this video podcast I’m looking to improve connection and storytelling not only in my immediate community but worldwide. I truly believe that one of our problems as a human race is that we have social media platforms that show us highlights of life, snippets of the truth, really. The issue? We don’t take the time to truly listen to each other’s stories or find the connections that tie us together. The human journey is made up of so many layers, and I want to peel back those layers and get to know who you are underneath.

The goal is to reconnect, slow down and travel back to a time when humans sat around fires and shared their best, exciting tales and created verbal stories that others passed on, legacies.

Each month, I will invite a guest to join me in an online video-recorded session to share a few true stories from their lives. They can be funny, serious, life-changing, contain an opinion or lesson, educational or just entertaining. The sky is the limit when it comes to topics to chat about. 

If you or someone you know has a story  please reach out to me!

Episode 1- Jennifer Wallace

Get to know more about Jennifer

Business owner? Grow your business with Jenn! 

“I’m born and raised in Niagara, and haven’t ever really explored the world outside my backyard and a day’s drive away. I’m committed to my community and enjoy volunteering for causes and organizations I’m passionate about, including supporting the arts and women’s organizations.
I’ve been self-employed for some time, first being in the family business from the age of 20 and then pushing out on my own just over a decade later, creating a business and brand that was more reflective of my own professional values and personality. And here I continue to work to help others improve their lives and reach their goals.” – Jenn Wallace

Episode 2- Ben Skinner


Ben is a trans/non-binary person of colour living in Kitchener, ON. He plays elite level rugby, is a graduate student studying Global Governance at the Balsillie School of International Affairs and works at a Peace Research Institute called Project Ploughshares.

 Ben: “My ‘coming out’ story is complex and multifaceted, which I think ultimately lends itself to being relatable for a lot of LGBTQ+ people. It is filled with highs and lows, making for a dramatic saga that ultimately ends with a message of love and hope.’

Episode 3 – Ali Rutherford


 Ali’s story of loss and resilience will inspire and make you think about the unique way we all maneuver life and cope with change. At only 32 years of age, Ali has experienced a level of loss that many of us would struggle to understand. After her husband’s tragic passing, followed by the sudden and unexpected deaths of both her Dad and Step-Mother, she has had to pivot and regain her footing in the under talked about and confusing world of grief, death and life beyond.

Ali is an inspiration with her determination to remain on top of her mental health and willingness to speak about her experiences- with a smile!

Episode 4 – Theresa Sawchuk

Get to know more about Theresa

Are you ready to face your fears?  Theresa’s inspirational discussion about stepping into and speaking your fear is one that will leave you thinking for days. After leaving the financial security of a position that she had held for close to 19 years, Theresa started the business of her dreams.

Follow along as she talks about the lasting effect of COVID on her personal life, family, business, and the global impact it’s having on all aspects of life.


Episode 5 – Theresa Czajkowski

Get to know more about Theresa

Theresa is a tutor who works with parents and caregivers of young children to learn and build new skills with play experiences. She grew up physically challenged due to a birth defect and had to learn how to navigate the world the way able-bodied people do because that’s who she was surrounded by. Join me in welcoming Theresa as she talks about advocating for oneself, living with empathy, and thriving despite limitations. 

Episode 6 – Amber Taylor

Get to know more about Amber

Amber has spent the last 4 years trying to heal and reconnect with herself. She is now understanding that she is not who she used to be and has opened herself up to embracing infinite possibilities. This has lead her on a journey of synchronicity, divine timing and expanding her own view of herself. Diagnosed with bi-polar, depression and ADHD she originally sought out traditional western experts only to feel more disconnected. Through a series of synchronistic events she has now connected with a reiki healer and homeopath who opened her eyes to her multidimensional self. She has healed in ways she never thought she needed, has found alignment with her soul and is developing her mediumship through tarot and medium sessions so that she can help others.

Episode 7 – Ralph Robb

Get to know more about Ralph

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you had taken a different path? Who would you be, where would you be?

Born in Wolverhampton, England, to Jamaican parents, Ralph has had to endure and thrive despite the many limitations and obstacles that life has provided. In this podcast, Ralph reflects on his journey as a young black man growing up in a troubled city. Listen in as he details his experiences, struggles, opportunities and life lessons found within sports that helped make him the author he is today. Writing is his passion and escape from the real world, and he invites his readers to take part in the adventures brewing in his mind.  

Episode 8 – Anne Day

Get to know more about Anne

Who is in your tribe cheering you on and supporting you through the ups and downs of life?

Anne has spent half her career in the non-profit sector and the other half as a social entrepreneur. Her focus and driving force has always been on helping women realize their potential and finding success on their terms. She firmly believes in helping women and the power and strength in collaboration. Surrounding yourself with people who “get you” and want you to succeed can make all the difference. Your tribe, if you will.


Episode 9 – Kristina Kastelanac

Get to know more about Kristina

Have you ever heard of the power of the mind? Do you believe that we can heal our mental and physical issues using different techniques like Somatic training? The ninth episode of FireSide Stories- Human Library is available on Youtube and all podcast streaming sites for your listening convenience. Our guest today is Kristina Kastelanac.

Kristina will be chatting today with us about how deep healing can happen from the inside out. She grew her body awareness through Somatic training and learned how to unwind her trapped fight, flight and freeze in her own body. As a child, she felt as though those around her were unable to connect or understand her as well as she hoped, causing her to become ill. Listen in as she discusses how we have the ability to heal our bodies and minds to live life to the fullest.


Episode 10 – Sonia Guzman

Get to know more about Sonia

Have you ever experience that moment of overwhelm while working? That moment when it feels like you just can’t breathe, you can’t focus and your work is drowning you instead of feeding you? Our guest today, Sonia Guzman, knows all about this and has a unique way to support you.

Sonia will be chatting with us about Integrative and Somatic Coaching. She supports individuals to build a heart-centred future without burnout by looking at the big picture and learning to understand what’s happening in their bodies in the process. She also helps them to transform their way of showing up in the world with an empowered purpose to create a sustainable life that maximizes their impact and abundance.

Episode 11 – Rhiannon Barry

Get to know more about Rhiannon

After speaking with many people, I have realized that many of us have experienced trauma in our early lives and often have to make the conscious decision to work through them and find growth. Today, our guest, Rhiannon Barry, knows all about this experience and has had to fight her way back from the grips of trauma.

In the eleventh episode of Fireside Stories, Rhiannon will be chatting with us about challenging times. For her, studying Psychology during the Pandemic has presented challenges and drummed up unhealed wounds. Over the years, she has had to tackle many traumas head-on; childhood poverty and homelessness, family dynamics, personality development and attachment issues. While completing her studies, Rhiannon has been forced to wade through her own personal trauma and write through the tears. It’s been a period of eminence growth and life path realizations.


Episode 12 – May Rodriguez

Get to know more about May

For many, merely floating along and living an unhealthy lifestyle is a trend they want to break. Instead, more people are investing more time and energy into wellness, living lives that are more enjoyable and sustainable in the long run. Our guest today, May Rodriguez, is healing in the process of helping others. She is an enthusiast who loves to learn new things and thrives best when helping others rise and become their best self.


In the twelfth episode of Fireside Stories, May will be chatting with us about rising in wellness. This includes her approach to understanding the relationship between energy, stress, nutrition, and health status. Her purpose is to help others rise in a new paradigm shift that will align the body, mind and spirit as one.



Episode 13 – Mahara Wayman

Get to know more about Mahara

Have you ever really thought lately about the choices that you make in your life? The paths that you choose?  Our guest today, Mahara Wayman, is an empowerment coach helping women harness their voices.

In the thirteenth episode of Fireside Stories, Mahara will be chatting with us about the surprising gift of choice. At the age of 55, Mahara had the opportunity to choose the tenor for the rest of her life.  “Losing my corporate job is the best gift I could have asked for, and in fact, I did ask for it.  I manifested this massive nudge towards living my passion.”

Episode 14 – May Rodriguez

Get to know more about May

For many of us, these past few years have created stress and fatigue for reasons, that to be honest, are quite obvious. The question is how to manage this stress and live a healthier lifestyle. Our guest today, May Rodriguez, is an enthusiast on a mission to get people life-changing results.

In the fourteenth episode of Fireside Stories, May will be chatting with us about our adrenals. She believes that everyone is walking around in burnout and adrenal fatigue and will be discussing what causes this and how we can prevent our adrenals from becoming overworked.

Episode 15 – Krystal Snider

Get to know more about Krystal

We often see horrific acts of abuse and pain in the news, but have you ever really thought about what happens after the headlines go away? Krystal Snider has and is one of those people helping those after the trauma. 

The fifteenth episode of Fireside Stories may be a bit heavy, and I want the viewers and listeners to be aware that nothing said in this interview is taken lightly. Be mindful that triggers are real, so please ensure you have the support system that you need before watching or listening. I’m honoured to be speaking with a woman with such strength and heart. It takes a special kind of person to stand up and guide those who have also been affected by violence towards hope, as Krystal does. Today she’ll be talking to us about Human trafficking in Canada, Surviving Trafficking and Supporting survivors.  

Episode 16 – Danielle Joworski

Get to know more about Danielle

In the sixteenth episode of Fireside Stories, we welcome Danielle Joworski, who will talk to us about how she learned to believe in and trust herself.

“The harder I worked, the harder things became. A pause created my greater failures that have become my biggest successes today. Once I believed in myself and embraced vulnerability to be seen for who I am, I’m able to help other women to stop working harder, create their biggest successes, and become visible to themselves and those they want to be seen by.” – Danielle

Episode 17 – Cathy Bales

Get to know more about Cathy

In the seventeenth episode of Fireside Stories, we welcome Cathy Bales, and she will be speaking to us about Thriving Within Chaos.

Cathy met the love of her life at 17, and they’ve been married for 29 years. They have four kids and one grandchild with a set of twins on the way! In addition, Cathy and her family have been foster parents to many babies and pregnant moms, a temporary home to students, hockey players, and adults (both single and couples) in transitional stages of life.

She now has a coaching/corporate training practice called NSM for Wellness.

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