RetroScripts brings together writers and creators of various skill levels with open minds and creative souls looking to explore their writing abilities while still honouring and navigating their journey of discovery.

I look forward to writing with you soon!

Accountability and Support

The Accountability and Support program is designed to assist you in achieving several key objectives: sharpening your focus, overcoming procrastination, igniting motivation, reclaiming your time, and establishing clear goals to create a well-structured plan for your work and social media content.


Supportive Products

Introducing the RetroScripts SUPPORT ME PACKAGES tailored for Writers and Creatives. Each item within these packages is meticulously crafted by hand, infused with positive energy, and meticulously designed to engage all five of your senses. These packages are thoughtfully curated to align with your unwavering drive and passion for your craft, providing valuable support throughout your distinctive creative journey.

Professional Writing Support

As authors, writers and small business owners, you want your written work to be as close to perfection as possible. Therefore, you want a trained writer who can confidently handle your subject matter and has an eye for detail and accuracy.

Podcast and Blog

With the RetroScripts video podcast, my aim is to enhance the art of connection and storytelling, not only within my local community but on a global scale.

The RetroScripts Blog serves as a hub where individuals can access a diverse array of content. This includes coping strategies, insights from professionals, listings of supportive companies, personal reflections, and distinctive perspectives.

Memoirs and Legacy Books

Whether it’s your pregnancy, business, life, wedding, family, or anniversary story, I sit down with you to record your journey in your own voice. I then transform that recorded narration into a stunning hardcover-bound book, enriched with images, quotes, and distinctive illustrations.

Workshops and Webinars

With out workshops, you have the option to either participate in one of our upcoming public workshops, utilize our online self-guided courses or invite us to your group, business, association, organization, or school to lead a customized themed workshop!

Our webinars are designed to impart knowledge about various captivating aspects of writing, storytelling, and content creation.

Every person living on earth has a unique story,

has travelled down different paths and

experienced events that no other person

will encounter in the same way.

I believe that each life contains lessons, quotes, and monumental stories that need to be shared and heard.

Unleash Your Pen: Mastering the Art and Skill of Expressive Writing
This transformative program invites you to delve into various writing styles while nurturing your creative freedom.

Sat, Oct 14- Sat, Dec 2, 2023 10:00 AM -12:30 PM EST


This workshop was everything I was hoping for and more. Kimberley’s natural way of animating the workshop creates a space in which you feel both comfortable sharing – no matter your level – and inspired. I loved how each activity was designed to stimulate your imagination and develop your writing skills. This workshop gave me insight and confidence. And more importantly, it made me re-discover the joy of writing.


Writing Workshop

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but over the past decade have done more technical writing for work than anything creative. The Life Unleashed Writing Workshop presented by Retroscripts gave me an opportunity to flex my creative muscles, with supportive group sharing and guidance from Kimberley. Her preparation and writing exercises provided skills that I can use in any type of writing I might do in the future, and the small class size allowed everyone the opportunity to share what they’re doing, or what they’re feeling challenges producing. A great program to get back into writing, or explore a new area of yourself!


The Life Unleashed Writing Workshop

The Components of Book Writing Course (from concept to publication and promotion) was a very informative and highly recommended course for those in the editing and publishing stages of their book. Through her expertise, Kimberley encourages and motivates you to prepare for promoting and publishing your book to the best of your ability! She provides you with a variety of resources and connections, including guest speakers that inspire your ability to complete and achieve success. I would definitely take this course if you are serious and determined to produce your work, you will feel accomplished!


Book Writing Course

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