As writers and authors, the stress of gaining followers, providing relatable content, and completing work on time can be daunting without someone to help hold you accountable and on track.

This Accountability and Support program will help you to gain focus, stop procrastination, gain motivation, reclaim your time and set goals to develop a plan for your work and social media content.


What To Expect

A free 15-minute consultation is the first step to organizing your time and efforts. During this meeting, I will gain a clear sense of what you are looking to achieve, your goals, deadlines, the level of accountability you are looking for, and how I can support you. We will also review your social media platforms, podcast, newsletter and platforms of interest. After this meeting, I will provide you with a game plan and informational handouts to set you up for ultimate success and leave you feeling in control. Using checklists that accompany the handouts, you will begin to flush out your wants and needs before we reconvene.

Then, the fun begins! In our two 30 minute work periods, we will create a work schedule that fits your life with consideration being made for your other responsibilities and self-care.


$140.00 monthly plus tax
$380.00+tax  for 3-months

Available Extras

(all are $35/hour)

  • Additional writing pieces for review
  • Extra support with tracker, spreadsheets, calendar or additional avenues
  • Sounding board with advice and guidance
  • Extra support with planning attainable goals for weekly and monthly completion, with consideration for mental, emotional and physical rest outlets
  • Additional Zoom calls

The Work Period

Goal Setting and Planning

Answering the following questions:

What does a successful week look like to you?

How much work are you looking to accomplish each week?

Do you already have a process that is working but needs revising?

Together we will use a list and task manager called ToDoist to better schedule and manage your time. If you already have a task manager that works for you, we can use it instead.

Your monthly calendar will act as a visible motivator and organization tool to set goals and complete work in a timely fashion.


Social Media

Using a tried and true template personally created by me, I will guide you to save time and plan your social media content leaving you with more time to connect with your fans, clients and followers.

  • Efficiently plan social media posts
  • Repurpose your work for all avenues
  • Organize your posts for future use
  • Where to advertise
  • Blog, newsletter, organization


I will review 3 pieces of content (2 pages in length) for spelling, grammar and sensibility.


 Then What?

Following our work period, I will send you a detailed recap and recording of our session.

Weekly email check-ins will occur on a date of your choosing and will highlight:

  • 3 tasks you’d like to complete this week
  • 1 thing you struggled with the week prior
  • Resources and tips that will help you to accomplish your goals
  • Past Action Items
  • Upcoming Action items
  • Action items that I will be completing to help you

This program aims to reduce stress while still holding you accountable. If you’re ready to make a difference, reduce stress and create more free time, send me a message.

I’m ready when you are!

Let’s find out if this is right for you!

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