Radiant Roots

Holistic Support Program

One on One Coaching

Learn how to use self-exploration, reflective techniques and expressive writing, with creativity for your well-being.

Although I’m sure we’d all like life to be an easy ride, the truth is that we often face challenges that threaten to derail our happiness if we’re not careful. Whether you suffer from mental health difficulties, illnesses, physical limitations, confidence shifts, or don’t fit in with society, this program is for you!

Introducing RetroScripts Radiant Roots Holistic Support Program.

Use your unique character traits and inner strength to create a healthier future. 

Create a balance that promotes overall wellness by combining mind, body, spirit, and creativity!

This support program relieves stress, provides helpful tips and focuses on your mental, emotional and physical health.

Let’s Get Started!

We will begin each session with a grounding exercise featuring meditative and interactive activities to help you cope with everyday stress.

Our approach to holistic therapy is centred around understanding your unique needs and aspirations. Through a combination of evidence-based techniques, compassionate guidance, connecting with creativity, nature and open dialogue, we aim to help you explore and navigate the layers of your life that may be impacting your well-being.

During your first session, we will identify the areas of your life that need focus, motivation, and healing while looking back at the moments that created stress.

Following sessions will:

1. Identify Your Goals: We will collaboratively define your personal and holistic goals, ensuring that our sessions are tailored to your individual needs.

2. Explore Mind-Body Connections: Our approach acknowledges the intricate connections between your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, allowing us to address issues from a holistic perspective.

3. Cultivate Self-Awareness: By fostering self-awareness, you will gain insights into your patterns, triggers, and strengths, empowering you to make positive changes.

4. Learn Coping Strategies: Together, we will develop effective coping strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and other challenges that may arise.

5. Encourage Empowerment: Our sessions will empower you to take an active role in your healing journey, fostering lasting positive changes in various aspects of your life.

We will use grounding activities, written exercises, prompts, and other tools specifically curated to your needs to work towards your individual happiness.

I’m with you EVERY step of the way!

Along with ongoing support via Voxer messaging, weekly email check-ins will occur on a date of your choosing and will:

  • Identify things you have struggled with and need additional support with.
  • Resources and tips that will help you to accomplish your goals.
  • Celebrate achievements.
  • Acknowledge upcoming action items.
  • Assign tasks to complete.

Taking this program will help you to:

Gain Clarity: Through therapeutic and reflective writing exercises, you will gain a clearer understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and the challenges you face. This self-awareness is essential for personal growth and healing.

Manage Stress: The program’s grounding exercises and meditative activities will equip you with tools to manage stress in your everyday life. These techniques can help you stay centered and calm, even in challenging situations.

Cultivate Resilience: By tapping into your unique character traits and inner strength, you will develop resilience to face and overcome difficulties. This will empower you to navigate life’s challenges with a positive mindset.

Improve Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health: The program focuses on your holistic well-being, addressing your mental, emotional, and physical health. This comprehensive approach ensures that you are working towards a healthier and more balanced life.

Set and Achieve Goals: The program will guide you in identifying areas of your life that need attention and motivation. With personalized written exercises, prompts, and tools, you’ll be able to set achievable goals and work towards them step by step.

Heal from Past Stressful Moments: Through releasing activities and writing exercises, you will have the opportunity to heal from past stressful experiences. This process can be therapeutic and contribute to your overall emotional well-being.

Receive Personalized Support: The one-on-one sessions provide you with tailored guidance and support that is curated specifically to your needs. This personalized approach ensures that you are receiving the assistance that will be most effective for your journey towards happiness.

Stay Accountable and Motivated: The weekly email check-ins will help you stay on track by outlining tasks, reviewing past action items, and setting up upcoming goals. This accountability and structure can keep you motivated and engaged in your self-improvement journey.

Enhance Self-Confidence: As you work through the program and experience personal growth, your confidence is likely to shift positively. You’ll begin to see your strengths more clearly and believe in your ability to overcome challenges.

Create a Healthier Future: By utilizing the program’s tools and strategies, you’ll be actively shaping a healthier and happier future for yourself. The combination of therapeutic writing, creative activities, and personalized guidance sets you on a path of self-discovery and positive transformation.

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