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Professional Writing Supports

My writing services help you release frustration and free up time to focus on your writing endeavours.

I look to support you by meeting you wherever you are on your writing journey, guiding you from start to finish. 


As authors, writers and small business owners, you want your written work to be as close to perfection as possible. Therefore, you want an editor who can handle your subject matter with confidence, has an eye for detail and accuracy and understands exactly what goes into content and book writing and editing.

I offer quality editing services and support for writers, business owners, and authors. My job is to meet you where you are and use accountability and communication tools to meet your writing goals and deadlines. Confidentiality is important to me, and so to honour this, I sign a Confidentiality Agreement with all my clients. I believe in meeting realistic deadlines, open lines of communication and supporting you to achieve your writing dreams.

How Do You Start?

During a 20-minute consultation, we will define what support and types of service you need. We will also develop a plan of action that considers your deadlines, limitations and goals.

Following this meeting, I will draft a proposal highlighting all the information you have shared with specific deadline dates to meet your writing goals.  


Weekly email check-ins will occur on a date of your choosing and will highlight:

  • Tasks you’d like to complete that week
  • Identifying things you have struggled with 
  • Resources and tips that will help you to accomplish your goals
  • Review of past action Items
  • Upcoming action items

While staying true to your tone, language and style,

I offer professional editing that reduces distractions in your book or written work.

I also support you in ghostwriting pieces you cannot do yourself. 

Copy Editing / Proofreading

I Will:

  • Proofread your document for spelling, grammar, punctuation, missing text and capitalization errors
  • Suggest appropriate words for your audience’s reading level
  • Verify headings and subheadings are consistent and placed correctly
  • Check consistency in style and formatting
  • Verify the table of contents and chapter openings
  • Verify running heads and footers


Structural Editing

I Will:

  • Edit your piece for structure and clarity while formatting for consistency and style
  • Offer support with the flow of writing to avoid confusing content structure
  • When necessary, move paragraphs around to better connect ideas, shorten sentences that are too long, and remove unnecessary information
  • Help clarify the meaning and main points of your piece
  • Ensure that your writing is clearly expressed and easy to understand



Stylistic Editing

I Will:

  • Improve style, diction and tone to ensure that your document is appropriately written for the register of your audience
  • Offer in-depth and personalized feedback and advice on content and composition of writing to uplevel your writing



When I ghostwrite a book, blog or content piece, I strive to bring forth your ideas in a manner that represents you, the theme, and the topic. I dedicate myself to reading your interview transcripts to highlight your speaking patterns, habits, and personality to ensure this book reflects the words you have envisioned and the overall feel.

Essentially, I am the craftsman to your genius, I may write the words, but we are co-creators on this project. This process will leave you feeling accomplished, excited, rewarded and, best of all, represented. Although other ghostwriters can write your story, I provide an intimate one v one experience that reduces stress and captures your vision on a personal level.

Throughout this experience, we will engage in direct and personal conversations. I will always strive to give my honest opinions and be as straightforward as possible to ensure the best outcome for you.

      Throughout the editing process, we will have Zoom meetings or written explanations of why I’m suggesting specific changes and track the changes so all edits can be seen and approved (or not) by you.

      In addition, you will…

      • Gain focus and confidence in your skills
      • Gain motivation and more connection through writing
      • Reclaim your time
      • Set goals to develop a plan for your writing
      • Gain accountability
      • Follow through with your writing plans
      • Have access to non-judgemental support
      • Accomplish your goals

      3 things I gained from working with Kimberley:

        – A better thought process for writing

        – The courage to read my work to others

        – A deeper appreciation for journaling


      Writing Program

      Very satisfied. I gained knowledge on the process of editing and publication, how to organize social media, and an overall confidence in my writing!


      Writing Program

      I have been a closet writer all of my life, and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to share my writing skills in a safe and inviting environment.  I feel like my writing spark has ignited into a larger flame and I’m ready to tackle a larger project and let my light shine.


      Writing Program

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