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This workshop is all about using creative tools to create an empowering and motivating hand-bound journal that works specifically for the creator depending on the theme of the workshop.   

All supplies are provided, although you can bring anything you want to include in your journal (pictures, trinkets, quotes, images, etc) and you choose the topic you want your journal to revolve around.  They are completely created by you (with my help)- from designing the cover, to stitching it together, and the interior design which can include pockets, calendars, sticky notes and a lot more.

Personally, I find that with bullet journals, I can’t stand some of the headings or topics that are included in the ones created at stores and so creating your own MAY be far more beneficial to you.  During the creation process, your mind is already planning how you will work towards your goals and how you can better organize your life to be more successful. 

It usually takes about 2hrs to complete these journals and I give specific examples of headings, quotes, graphics and layouts depending on the specific goal a person decides to work towards.  The number of pages depends on the person creating it but on average between 10- 30 pages, but I don’t really restrict someone who has a specific thing they want to do that is going to have more pages.

Choose Your Journal Theme

Gratitude Journal

Self Care Journal

Career goals Journal

Get Healthy Journal (fitness and healthy eating)

Life Memories Journal

Family Journal

Bucket List Journal

My Future Journal

Mental Health Journals


About Me Journal

Quotes Journal

Weekly Log Journal

Wish List Journal

Ups and Downs of Life Journal

How to love (me) Journal

Parents/ Kids, Students/ Teacher communication Journal

To Do Journal

Special Interest Journal

Travel Journal

All About You

Map of your life

Gratitude log

Life Goals


Things I love

Things that make me happy

Self Care tracker

(insert word here) wish list

Skills I want to learn

My family

Family Tree


Things I hate

My body

Your Routine

Morning Routine

Fitness Routine

School Routine

Evening Routine

My plan

Sports Routine

Your Health

Mental Health

Daily exercise




Water tracker

Weight loss

Healthy foods list


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