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I begin by telling everyone a bit about myself and why I began creating these boards and how beneficial they are when you’re trying to figure out important things in life.  Following this, we do a very quick breathing exercise and I read a few excerpts from a few books.  I want people to know that they have permission to stop, take a step back and breathe for a second and just be themselves.  We do this accompanied by a releasing action and then dive right into the boards.  

I also supply handouts based on the type of workshop you choose that highlight the benefits of these boards, how to continue using them after they are finished.


Create a board that inspires you to get up, move and keep going despite what you are facing in that moment.

Badass Self

We all have an inner badass. That badass may be introverted, extroverted, a nerd, an athlete, superhero… Whoever the person needs to be to make it through the day that’s what goes on this board.  You essentially create a new persona. 

Future Self

Planning for the future and setting goals can help you to better achieve what you want most in life.

Mental Health (self-care)

A board that inspires self-care and reminds you to slow down and do the things that you enjoy.

Who I Am

Literally a board that shows who you are.  It’s a conversation piece for families, nurses, doctors… Anyone that you may deal with but want them to know who they truly are. 

Life Unleashed

Highlight the exciting, sad, true events that have happened in life using your own photos, quotes, and pieces mixed in with materials I supply.

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