RetroScripts is a business that focuses on the emotional and mental well-being of people in various states of being, from all walks of life. It looks to empower people on their life’s journey by encouraging strength, support, and positivity through creative mediums. Owner, Kimberley looks to capture the real-life events that happen in everyday life using memory/ legacy books and helps to prepare and motivate those who are looking to make positive change by facilitating motivating workshops that focus on inner strength.

You can either join us for an upcoming public workshop, or bring us to your group, association, organization or school to facilitate one of our themed workshops!

 Look below for our various workshops.


Make Your Own Board or Journal Workshops

You pick a theme (list provided) and using creative tools I will guide you to create an empowering and motivating canvas board or hand bound journal that works specifically to harness your inner badass and travel on a journey of self- discovery. 

This was a great class! Kimberley was engaging and encouraging. The badass board I have now helps me continue centering my self-care journey in my life daily. Kimberley provided helpful insight building and maintaining a self-compassionate, self-care routine. This was a fantastic course to take with my mum! Thank you!


Badass Mothers Workshops

Here’s to all the Badass Mothers out there keeping it together not only for their families, their babes, their jobs, friends, pets… but for themselves as well! These workshops are filled with creative elements, meditation, guest speakers, content, tips and help from professionals, let’s find YOUR inner badass.

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Unapologetic Badass Workshops

These workshops are all about identifying and harnessing the badass strength that we ALL have within us. Whether you’re quiet, outgoing, creative or logical, we all have abilities (superpowers) that we can learn to use in order to make our lives easier and our self-esteem higher. Life is a series of challenges and it’s how we adapt and react that shows our badass levels.

I’ve done vision board workshops before, however, Kimberley adds so much more to the experience through her insights and discussion, meditation, and then the collaborative nature of the vision board creation. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!


Upcoming Workshops

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