We look to encourage positivity, strength, and courage through different workshops 


RetroScripts is a business that focuses on the emotional and mental well-being of people in various states of being, from all walks of life. It looks to empower people on their life’s journey by encouraging strength, support, and positivity through creative mediums. Owner, Kimberley looks to capture the real-life events that happen in everyday life using memory/ legacy books and helps to prepare and motivate those who are looking to make positive change by facilitating motivating workshops that focus on inner strength.

You can either join us for an upcoming public workshop, or bring us to your group, association, organization or school to facilitate one of our themed workshops!



Workshop Themes & Topics

Board Workshops

Pick a theme you’d like the group to follow OR you can just leave it open for people to decide what they want to do. [Read more]

Journal Workshops

This workshop is all about using creative tools to create an empowering and motivating hand bound journal that works specifically for the creator depending on the theme of the workshop.    [Read more]

Components of Book Writing- From Concept to Publication and Promotion

You’ve bought the notebook and pen, have come up with a brilliant concept, and now you’re finally ready to write your book. You’re ready to embrace the challenge and step towards becoming an accomplished author, but where do you begin?  

[Read more]

Life Unleashed Writing Experience

 Release your stress and gain creative freedom as you allow your mind to open up and your thoughts to flow. Each session begins with a guided meditation and exercise to open the mind and creative pathways. [Read more]

We consistently have workshops available for you to attend! Each has a specific theme but you can expect the same layout:

● Begin with a discussion/ informational talk
● Guided meditation and breathing exercise that is specific to the theme
● A movement activity
● Creative portion: All supplies are provided including scissors, glue, canvas boards, paper, magazines and TONS of crafting supplies
● Handouts that reinforce messages and offer guidance

The experience is heightened by the atmosphere and overall feeling of each workshop.

The Self-Care Workshops will be run in a very zen-like location offering support and a more flowing feel.

The Badass Workshops will leave the participant feeling empowered and strong.


I’m ready when you are!

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