Do you have a goal you hope to achieve one day? When are you thinking of starting?

So often we think that our goals need a specific start date, like a New Year’s resolution, the first day of spring, next Monday, or Labour Day. Maybe for you the thoughts are there, but there is no starting yet, it’s still just maybe “some day”. We often feel like we need an “official” start date so we can feel more prepared, or we haven’t committed yet because we don’t feel quite ready. However, what does waiting for the “perfect” start date accomplish? Why wait the 2 days over the weekend, or until the end of the month, or after the Christmas holidays? 

 All this does is delay your start, which ultimately delays the results you wanted in the first place. What if your delay is just that, a delay to prevent you from starting because you know this decision will affect your current lifestyle and you’re not so sure you are ready for that? What if your goal is deep down kind of scaring the crap out of you, because you might embarrass yourself, or worse…you fail? 

We all have deep rooted fears around this. Goals require change, and change can be hard.  It’s sad when we let fears get in the way of the life we truly want. For example, if your goal is around weight loss this means improving food and exercising more will be required. Does that mean you can’t enjoy your couple glasses of wine now? Or your Friday lunch take-out with co-workers might become challenging? Do you have to cut out your favourite carbs? Do you know how to exercise properly? How does someone start? 

So again, I ask….then why wait to start? Why put so much pressure on yourself with a grand beginning? Every minute of every day is an ideal time to start your journey to a better life, regardless of where you are starting from. Who cares if you don’t have a perfect7-day meal plan in place? Simply having a salad with chicken today is a solid day 1 plan. Maybe instead of squats, lunges and push-ups you simply go for a walk today. You can still email that local trainer and sign up to learn how to do the harder exercises. But your first action today, not next week or next month….is just go for a walk. There is no reason to put off until tomorrow what you can start today! Right now, this minute! It truly just requires you making a decision.

Starting today with imperfection is a start. And that’s all that you need right now. Because yes, every minute of an given day is the perfect starting point to your goal and your improved life.

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