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As humans, society often dictates that we have to navigate the good, the bad, the exciting and the downright infuriatingly frustrating times with grace without showcasing our real emotions.

It’s a myth that life is always golden, and quite often, we are told that if we work REALLY hard, we’ll live amazing lives where all things are sunshine and cupcakes like we so often see on social media. Nope. False. Negative. You can plan, shield yourself, and try to avoid the darkness all you want, but part of life is riding the waves and taking on those gloomy days when you’d swear the universe has conspired to royally piss you off.

As a past personal trainer, martial arts competitor and motivational leader, I will teach you to use actual self-defence techniques and specific mantras/ affirmations to strike back against and release your negative thoughts and promote feelings of strength and worthiness.

In this course, you will:
*Discuss limitations and expectations
* Identify your personal needs for living a healthy and happy life
*Plan and implement your personalized mental self-defence to find flow and rhythm in your life
* Create a support plan
*Identify the elements in life that send you into a spiral
*Honour your darkness and “other side”
* Learn how to use music, arts and other tools to protect your mind
* Learn how to ride your unique wave of life

This course is designed to bring together people of all skill levels with open minds looking to better their lives and honour their badass selves. No prior experience or understanding of writing techniques is necessary.

This 8-week program includes:
* Unique grounding exercises
* Access to pdf workbooks
* Unique activities and creative exercises
* Opportunity to create content for business, social media or blogs
* In-class activities
* Personal support in navigating your journey
* Access to private groups
* Access to recording if sessions missed

 Workbook and Self-Guided Program Available Soon!

3 things I gained from working with Kimberley:

  – A better thought process for writing

  – The courage to read my work to others

  – A deeper appreciation for journaling


Writing Program

Very satisfied. I gained knowledge on the process of editing and publication, how to organize social media, and an overall confidence in my writing!


Writing Program

I have been a closet writer all of my life, and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to share my writing skills in a safe and inviting environment.  I feel like my writing spark has ignited into a larger flame and I’m ready to tackle a larger project and let my light shine.


Writing Program

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