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Badass is a word that I often use to describe the inner power that we all have but often can’t see within ourselves.   I’ve heard many people say, “I’m not a badass. I’m too (insert negative personality trait here)”. 
Well, I’m here to break that belief.  Being quiet, timid, loud, “bitchy”, assertive, dreamy, weird, etc are NOT negative traits. This is where your badassery lies, and it’s waiting to be explored!

The Unapologetic Badass workshops are all about harnessing the badass strength that we ALL have within us.  Whether you’re quiet, outgoing, creative or logical we all have abilities that we can learn to use to make our lives easier and our self-esteem higher. These workshops celebrate our differences and “negative qualities” (SUPERPOWERS) as well as teach different kinds of self-care that will help to showcase your unique, confident and powerful self.

Fierceness or being a badass isn’t all about smashing your goals, shouting with passion or outshining others.  It’s also about support, love, allowing others to shine. Everyone you know is fighting a battle, and it’s how you acknowledge or show compassion that, to me, truly matters.

What’s included:

  • Guided meditation
  • Discussion with unique handouts 
  • Interactive creative portion 
  • Self- discovery session

Prior to this workshop, you will have the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire that will reflect your personal goals, interests and thoughts about yourself. Due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, this questionnaire will be used to create your own individualized packages that include magazines, trinkets, decorative pieces, canvas boards and items pertaining to your interests.

You can either join us for an upcoming public workshop, or bring us to your group, association, organization or school to facilitate one of our themed workshops!

Badass Self-Care Board Workshop

Let’s face it, this year has been unpredictable and filled with a wide range of emotions. For the most part, we’ve had to flow with the punches, dealing with many issues occurring worldwide while trying to make the year the best it can be for our families and loved ones. As we enter into the winter months, it’s important to remember just how badass you are while focusing on self-care so you can continue giving to those in your inner circles and beyond.

This online workshop will begin with a guided meditation, followed by a discussion about badass self-care and what makes us unique. We will then move on to creating your fierce, individual self-care board.

All supplies are provided with the exception of glue, scissors or hot glue gun.

Conquer Your Goals Board Workshop

 Resolutions and goals are great ways to identify what is important to you and a great way to start the year. BUT what about finding motivation after the New Years buzz has died down? The Conquer Your Goals Board Workshop dives deeper into your wants and aspirations! When fear and apprehension begins to creep in, this workshop aims to create a plan and visual momentum towards your REAL life goals. It looks to release your inner badass and face your fears head-on!

After discussing our fears and roadblocks, we will then move on to a guided power meditation and breathing exercise to open your mind and get those creative juices flowing. We then move on to identify which goal planning technique will work best for you. FINALLY, the creative fun begins! Participants are encouraged to gather pictures of themselves when they felt strong and in charge, as well as any trinkets, pictures or inspirational pieces they wish to attach to their board.

Warrior You Mental Self-Defence Class

Online, we will be using actual self defence techniques and specific mantras/ affirmations to strike back against and release your negative thoughts and promote feelings of strength and worthiness.  

 In person, we will be using actual self-defence moves with pads and martial arts equipment geared towards releasing your negative thoughts and promote feelings of strength and worthiness. 

I’m ready when you are!

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