There’s something about Christmas time! Family, friends, food and frenzy! Amongst it all do you find yourself gaining weight, feeling stiff, bloated, tired and asking yourself, “What if through this Christmas season, instead of just trimming the tree, I can accomplish trimming me?” From shopping to cooking, wrapping and visiting, it can be a real challenge to keep yourself in check. Here are 5 tips to create an amazing Christmas where you come inTO 2020 with your weight, happiness and sanity intact.  

DRINK UP DARLING! Healthy tip #1 is regarding the beverages you are consuming! Start your day with a tall glass of water, as soon as your feet touch the ground. We often are dehydrated upon waking, so to nip this in the bud right off the hop…..start sipping on some good ol’ H2O! You can add lemon or lime to add a burst of flavour, provide a digestive kick start to your digestion AND, provide some support to your liver!

When you get busy with your day you often forget to drink enough water, and instead opt for coffee, tea, pop, eggnog, or in the case of the holidays…..alcohol. Remember that water is the #1 BEST beverage for you. All the others contain caffeine, chemicals, sugar, artificial sweeteners and alcohol. All of these are fine in small amounts, but water is pure and calorie free. Consuming it as herbal tea is also an option. How do you know if you have consumed enough? A general guide is take how much you weigh in pounds, divide that in half, and drink that amount in ounces. And remember, your urine should be pale yellow and odour-free…..another easy indicator you can use.

KNOW THE POWER OF PROTEIN! Healthy tip #2 is regarding the good stuff whose main job is to build and repair your body…..delicious protein! At this time of year there tends to be a lot of visiting and eating going on, and it frequently include a LOT of carbohydrates, especially starchy ones like delicious baked goods, potato and squash dishes…..and the beloved stuffing! Let’s not forget the desserts, chocolate and hot apple cider! All of these festive treats break down to sugar quite quickly. I can see how easy it is to consume a lot of these though, they are all quite delicious!  By adding protein you are bringing a bit of balance to your meals, and repair to your insides. Protein also helps slow down the digestion process, which will help you feel full longer. Your options are endless….turkey, beef, eggs, yogurt, lentils and legumes, and tofu to just list a few. Make sure your meals are complete by adding one of these.

NEVER SHOW UP EMPTY HANDED! Healthy tip #3 is all about your next social gathering. You might still be feeling a bit full and bloated from the last 3 you attended this week already, and likely you are really trying to keep your eating clean, but it’s just so darn hard! The food is so rich, and there’s so much of it! An easy solution for this is to insist on bringing a contribution to the meal. I always strive to bring a non-starchy vegetable dish or fruit platter. This way it insures there is something to eat that won’t leave you feeling like you just downed another load of heavy seasonal treats. And the amazing thing was, I wasn’t the only one who appreciated it!

MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! Healthy tip #4 is to get up and MOVE! Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you have to sit on your butt the whole time! Maybe plan a walk every morning, or a workout at the gym. Gather your family together and go cut down your Christmas tree. Go for a hike, have a bonfire out back, co-ordinate a dance challenge after dinner….or just pull out Twister and do some stepping, reaching and twisting. The holidays need to include more movement, so find a way to bring it in, and have fun with it!

IT’S OKAY TO DISCONNECT…Healthy tip #5 is to just tap out! Sometimes it’s okay to say, “No” to an invitation. Not every event needs to be attended, especially if you are reaching your overstimulation limit. If you feel you can’t be absent from anything, then make sure you choose some time to disconnect and de-compress, however that looks like for you. Maybe you choose to shut off your phone and computer, take a walk under a star filled night, do a yoga class, soak in a hot lavender induced bubble bath with a book, or just lie down on the floor and breathe. Everyone has their personal limit, so listen to your body (including your mind) and learn what yours is! 

So there you are! Five tips to help you maintain your weight and feel healthy throughout the Christmas holiday. May you and your loved ones have a very safe and fun filled Merry Christmas, and may 2020 ring in with joy, love and lots of blessings! 

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