I see so many women who are burnt out after this year of covid. Whether you’re a working woman now doing it from home, a mom trying to teach your kids, a business owner who is fighting to stay afloat. Or an elderly woman who is missing the connection with her kids and grandchildren. Covid has created such a topsy turvy emotional rollercoaster for so many.

It is vital to your personal wellbeing to make sure you take some time to look after you. Re-connect with yourself however that feels best. For some maybe feeling grounded by taking a walk in the forest, going for a run, doing a strength training workout, or simply go into a room by yourself and read a book. Maybe it’s even going to bed early to journal on how you are feeling at the end of each day. What is that one thing you always wanted to learn? Maybe playing the guitar, singing, or how to paint. Find your thing, or things to help you stay connected with yourself during this time of isolation, staying home and feeling removed from your life.


You need to look after you.
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