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We weave your voice recording into a beautiful custom script that transcends every meaningful moment into a timeless record.

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The Fireside Stories Human Library podcast’s goal is to reconnect, slow down and travel back to a time when humans sat around fires and shared their best, exciting tales and created verbal stories that others passed on, legacies.


RetroScripts focuses on the emotional and mental well-being of people in various states of being, from all walks of life. It looks to empower people on their life’s journey by encouraging strength, support, and positivity through creative mediums. The carefully created workshops help to prepare and motivate those who are looking to make positive change while focusing on inner strength.

Accountability and Support

This Accountability and Support program will help you to gain focus, stop procrastination, gain motivation, reclaim your time and set goals to develop a plan for your work and social media content.


Peruse my blog to read from guest contributors on everything life has to offer!

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