How do you make decisions?

The other day I poured myself a cup of spice tea, and for the first time, I noticed a quote on the back of the little tab that’s attached to the string of the tea bag…it said “Intelligence and intuition are friends”. 

Not only do I love the fact that the tea bag has a little inspirational message…I also love the actual words.  In nine little syllables it sums up how I make 99% of my decisions.  Feelings and facts…two friends that need to work together to help us navigate through the multitude of choices we sift through and decisions we make hundreds of times each day. 

What I have come to realize, especially in the past few years, is that I probably spend a little too much time in the intuition camp and not enough time with my tent pitched in my “intellect” camp.  When making important decisions, I have come to understand  that listening to the little voice that speaks to me and gives me that goose bumpy feeling to follow my gut is although is very important, it is also essential to move emotion and feeling aside and look at the straight-up facts.  When this is done in tandem, the two are coupled together in a harmonious marriage; one that exists in order to make an informed decision which makes sense and feels good! 

How do we distinguish between the inner voice of intuition and the inner critic? 

In my world, the inner voice of intuition is one that comes with a feeling…almost like a wash over me that makes me pay attention…like an ‘aha’ moment.  It comes with a certain feeling that I cannot really explain other than, I never feel it any other time. Sometimes I get goosebumps, sometimes I can sense a feeling of ‘ahhhh’; like my chest just opened up and all the stress and strain just left my body.  I can also actually hear a voice that gets my attention.  It’s a voice in my head, but it’s someone else speaking the words…I like to think of it as my angels or God guiding me and talking to me (we have regular conversations…just sayin’).  There’s nothing ‘religious’ about it…it’s a spiritual experience that us humans have all the time…we just need to be aware of it!  

On the other hand, the voice that just natters at me 24/7 (until I notice it that is…and tell it to ‘shut up’!), is the monkey chatter or the voice of my ego.  It’s just there making sure I stay safe, stay within my comfort zone and never stray too far from the ‘norm’ so I can stay small and avoid taking risks that could potentially change my life. Ego detests this kind of stuff because then it has to work at keeping me ‘in line’. And, I don’t like being kept ‘in line’! 

So…how do you make decisions? Do you work through it rather pragmatically with a chart of the pros and cons, or do you simply have a conversation with yourself and your Higher Self to come up with the plan that’s both a feel good and sensible from the perspective of being human? If “Intelligence and intuition are friends”, How does your intuition make itself known to you?  I’m curious to know…and I believe we can all learn from each other! Feel free to comment here, or send me an email: I would love to know your take on this.
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