How does it feel to just breathe? When you lay down in your bed tonight put your hands on your stomach and take a nice inhale in. So deep that you can feel your stomach swell. Breath is what gives us life. And it helps us to feel alive. It’s so easy to take that breath for granted.

Now think about how you are going to move your body tomorrow. Even for just 5-10 minutes. Enough movement to encourage you to breathe deeper while doing it. Because our bodies have been designed to do that for us. Bring us the required breath to do the movements that keep us health in mind, body and spirit.

Take a look at all these images. Every single one requires us to breathe a bit deeper than we do naturally as we go through our days. But that breath is filled with life dependent oxygen to help you live. To help propel your body into movement. So, whether you walk, run, squat, cycle, swim, downward dog or simply meditate…..celebrate every breath you have the privilege to take. Life is a blessing. Your body is a blessing. Inhale, exhale, smile and celebrate it.

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