Author – Theresa Macri-Sawchuk

To live a life unfulfilled, unrealized, unachieved because of gender, of your social status, the dictations of your governing bodies, culture, from the lack of funding, the lack of vision, the lack of knowledge, the lack of understanding, the lack of courage, the lack of education, the lack of encouragement, the lack of respect, the lack of hope, the lack of love, the lack of embracing, the lack of empowerment, is so much weaker than when you combine three little sentences.


I can achieve because I can remove stigma attached to gender through education.

I can have the vision to help pursue dreams that are shared by many.

I can listen, respect and love those who have a different point of view for these differences is what may separate us, but listening, respect and love will unite us.

I can encourage and have engagement those whose opinions differ from mine because finding common ground will sustain us.

I can love those who tears us down, because love is what they are lacking.

I will embrace and uplift those who are deemed inconvenient by way of social standards and gender, to those who are narrow minded, for they are blinded to the vision of beauty which each holds.

I will remove the dictations of backward thinking of governments and dismissive minded thinkers that demean and hinder the growth of their people, their freedoms, their choices and their right to a better life by creating awareness.

I will empower others through my journey, I will give hope through speaking, I will thrive for the courage to find the words, I will embrace giving love, help educate, give vision, respect, lend help, I will continue to speak for the voiceless. 

I WILL. I CAN. I AM –   Girl, Women, Female.                    

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