Life Unleashed Writing Experience

Release your stress, gain creative freedom and open your mind!
Each session begins with a guided meditation and exercise to open the mind and creative pathways. Then we move on to learn different writing techniques and styles while reflecting on who we are as individuals in this ever-changing world. The value found within creative writing and journalling is infinite and often used as a self-care tool.

Components of Book Writing– From Concept to Publication and Promotion

You’ve bought the notebook and pen, have come up with a brilliant concept, and now you’re finally ready to write your book. You’re ready to embrace the challenge and step towards becoming an accomplished author, but where do you begin?

This experience begins with a guided meditation to gain focus before walking you through the steps it takes to organize, create and write your book from concept to publication and promotion. I help you to remain accountable and on track during your unique writing process while offering resources and support to find the best path for you. Each session includes information, helpful tips, a question and answer period, guest speakers from those in the biz and a sounding board to flush out your creative ideas.

work with me one on one for a unique experience

Get together a group of 3 or more people to have your experience conducted at a location of your choosing.

Your home, rotate locations, at the office… I make it work for you!

I’m ready when you are!

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