Latest Past Events

Life Unleashed Writing Program- NEW BEGINNINGS EDITION

The Pandemic was a time of fear, sadness, growth, reflection, hardship and refocus. It was a time unlike any that many of us had ever before experienced, often pushing us beyond our limits of comfort. As we enter into the opening of stores and community, I believe that we should enter into new ways of […]


Writing Webinar #1: Creating your writing routine through productive habits

For many of us, writing is an activity that we embark on for personal development, business content, enjoyment or necessity.  We put pressure on ourselves to write perfect pieces, but find ourselves procrastinating or staring at a blank screen immobilized by the weight of our goals.  This webinar will open you up to the different […]


Badass Women’s Oxygen Summit- FUEL YOUR FIRE


Let’s face it; whether you’re a mother, an educator, caregiver, first responder or just a human, this past year has pushed us beyond our breaking point. This summit has been expertly tailored to identify, solve and support your unique burnout experience with other like-minded individuals. Join us as we dive into topics that will renew […]