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Badass Women’s Oxygen Summit- FUEL YOUR FIRE

June 14, 2021 @ 7:00 am - June 18, 2021 @ 8:00 am


Let’s face it; whether you’re a mother, an educator, caregiver, first responder or just a human, this past year has pushed us beyond our breaking point. This summit has been expertly tailored to identify, solve and support your unique burnout experience with other like-minded individuals. Join us as we dive into topics that will renew our physical, mental, and emotional energy in an inter-connected, safe environment. Through this creative and interactive summit, we look to expand your creativity and knowledge while enhancing your emotional connection with yourself.

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Summit runs June 14th -18th

Summit Sessions:

Unmet Expectations- Monday, June 14th @12pm

As a mother, caregiver, educator, or perhaps front-line worker, we set unattainable expectations of ourselves AND have unnecessary expectations imposed upon us by society.  We often feel as though we aren’t providing for our families, are failing in our roles, aren’t as successful as we should be, while in reality, this isn’t the case. By coming together in discussion, we will help each other find ourselves again, starting with undoing our feelings of not measuring up to expectations and picking up the torch of being a badass.

Show up for yourself AND your kids!- Tuesday, June 15th @ 12pm

Whether you’ve given birth, adopted, are caring for or are moulding a child’s mind, there are often feelings of confusion and chaos that show up for caregivers.  Outside factors, circumstances and judgement often play a role. Before you’re able to show up for your kids, you have to show up for yourself. We pose the question: what do you need to release? What preconceived notions about yourself do you hold that are holding you back? 


Kimberley Rivando- Robb will guide you in an  interactive session that works with affirmations, positive language and creative activities to help curb those busy lost feelings and instead encourages and advocates for you to be the best version, the best mom, the best caregiver you can be regardless of your circumstances. 

Badass Problem Solving with Play- Wednesday, June 16th @11am

 Play experiences allow kids to learn about themselves, where they fit in the world and what unique talents they have to offer.  As adults, we often forget the benefits of making messes and bouncing back from our mistakes.  Professional mess maker Theresa Czajkowski will show you how to support your kid’s needs using both educational and developmental play while showing how you, as an adult, the benefits of adding more play into your life. 

What is a caregiving badass?- Thursday, June 17th @ 11am

This goes out to all the Badass Mothers and Caregivers out there, keeping it together not only for their families, their babes, their jobs, friends, pets, but for themselves as well! Being a mother is hard; the constant judgement, the opinions from just about everyone and having no time to heal after going through one of the most energy-filled times of our lives. Now your beautiful children are here, but what does that mean for you? 


 In this discussion, we will be highlighting the unique components that make you a badass, your individual definition/ personal mom identity and how to find support now that you have this new identity. 

Parental Oxygen- Friday, June 18th @12pm

All humans have specific needs that fuel and propel us forward toward our best lives.  These are elements that feed our soul and keep our fires burning.  Through group conversations with other dynamic caregivers, we will discuss what fills you up and propels you forward when life becomes exhausting.  An interactive activity will help identify the elements that you need to keep your fire burning and what extinguishes your flame.


June 14, 2021 @ 7:00 am
June 18, 2021 @ 8:00 am
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