The mind is a powerful being.  It’s supernatural.  Think about the mind.  Now take a minute and realize that you’re using your mind to think about your mind.  Weird, right?  How does it work?  I mean, there’s an abundance of science available that only begins to help us understand our mind: that being, inside of us.  Does it have powers?  Can we actually manifest happiness?

Think about your last few days.  What have you been doing?  What choices have you been making?  What about your last few thoughts?  

What are you SURROUNDING your mind with?  T.V.?  Phone?  The news?  Social media?  Nature?  Music?  Meditation?  Knowledge?  Relationships?  Connections?  How do these things make you feel?  How do you want to feel?  What would make your soul happy?  Do you care?  It’s not until you connect your mind with your heart, and what it’s exposed to, that true happiness finally begins.  So, what does that mean?  Are you surrounding your mind with things and people that energize you, inspire you, and help you grow? 

What are you FILLING your mind with?  What beliefs are limiting your growth?  What if you let go of that fear that’s holding you comfortably in its den and choose to soar with the eagles?  Have you taken the time to slow down, breathe and notice the thoughts that are cycling in your mind?  What would happen if you let go of most of them and change that thought.  As soon as you notice a thought that no longer serves you (even if you’ve allowed it to trickle in and be noticed again) release it.  Send it, with love, to where it came from and fill that space with a new thought.  Let’s release the power we give to thoughts (our own and others).  Like Louise Hay says, “it’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed.”  Are you filling your mind with things that make your soul sing? 

What are you FEEDING your mind with?  Is it healthy?  Packed with nutrients?  Sustainable?  Is it fulfilling?  Is it giving you the energy you need to rise with ease, go the distance, and be flexible?  This is where you will notice that when you balance your mind with your heart space, your body and soul want to get to that balanced state too.  What are you fueling your mind with to allow for the balance its craving. 

Where is your mind LIVING mostly?  Is your mind consumed with the past? Are you reliving moments or are you living in them?  Living in the present moment allows you to see more clearly. Living in the present moment creates space to nourish this life you were blessed to have.  Present living allows you to see life as a present, blessed to have and can be taken away.  Why not live it to its full potential?  Goal setting and planning keep you organized and on track, but living too much in the future makes you miss life.  You miss what’s right in front of you.  Do you want to be an observer of your life or the lead role?  Mindful moments create awareness and allow you to fully experience life from your heart-space. 

Notice the coming moments unfold, as you journey through life, today and this coming week.  Be gentle with yourself as you notice the thoughts that are governing your mind?  What are you doing to nourish your mind?  What are doing to protect and nurture your mind?  Are you surrounding, filling, and feeding your mind with love and for your highest good?  Where is your mind living? Where do you want to be?  Be.  Right.  There.

About Laura Ireland

Laura Ireland is married to a first responder and a mother of two beautiful children. She is a Social Service Worker, an educator with the District School Board of Niagara, a sound enthusiast and a wellness advocate. 

In her business, Expressions For The Soul,  Laura creates space for others to find internal peace through the vibration of sound, the rhythm of the drum, the power of Reiki, and the transformative walk through the labyrinth. Mindfulness and movement infuse her programs to support personal connection and expansive growth. 

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