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The Creatively You Course allows you to dive deeper into your creative journey and success. No messing about, no fear or hesitations, just getting down to it. As a writing coach, author, and content creator, I will teach you to set goals, identify your mind traps, gain productivity and replenish/ fuel your creativity.

This course is designed to bring together people of all skill levels looking to explore their writing ability while still honouring and navigating their journey of self-discovery. No prior experience is necessary.

This course is broken into 4 sections spanning 8 weeks and includes:
* Unique grounding exercises
* Access to pdf workbooks
* Unique activities and creative exercises
* Opportunity to create content for business, social media or blogs
* In-class activities
* Personal support in navigating your journey
* Access to private groups
* Access to recording if sessions missed

Section 1: Conquer Your Creative Goals

Still not getting the results you declared on New Year’s Day? Good news, YOU decide when you are ready to start, not the calendar! Why not set the stage for success by taking ownership of your desires and starting where you are NOW. This section dives deeper into your wants and aspirations while helping you stop procrastination, hold on to motivation, reclaim inspiration and set ATTAINABLE goals!

*Discussion of how we relate to goals and the setbacks we have experienced in the past
*Carefully curated worksheets to support you in identifying your true goals and teach you to track your accomplishments.
*Discussion on how to develop your unique working routine and goal strategies
*Flush out and plan your objectives
*Create a plan using the techniques that best work for you

Section 2: Release Your Creative Fears

It doesn’t matter what form of creative activity or level you participate in; when fear and apprehension creep in, our minds shut down, and we experience roadblocks. The big problem? Most of us have no idea what our fear looks like or the warning signs that it’s about to rear its ugly head. Session 2 aims to create an in-depth plan and momentum towards your REAL life goals by releasing your inner badass and showing you how to face your fears head-on!

*Discussion of our fears and roadblocks
*Carefully curated worksheets to help you discover the appropriate support you need when your fear shows up
*Creation of an arsenal unique to you that will help you to combat the anxiety and freeze response that we often encounter when self-doubt steps in

Session 3: Supporting Your Badass Creative Self!

For many, these past few years have been filled with unpredictability, pressure, division and stress pushing us beyond our limits of comfort. For others, it’s been a time of reconnection, looking at how we are living life and redefining who we are now that life has changed. Regardless of which category you fall into, it is so important to nourish ourselves after we pour our souls into our creative endeavours. It’s so important to make sure that we are able to identify our needs, what fuels us, lights our fire and keeps us grounded.

*Discussion of different kinds of self-care that will help you showcase your confident, powerful self
*Carefully curated worksheets to discover what it takes to keep your fire active
*A plan of action that will last through stressful moments and create badass habits

Session 4: Gain creative success through YOUR productive habits

For some of us, creating is a daily activity that we embark on for personal development, business content, enjoyment or necessity, but it can quickly become a challenge. We put pressure on ourselves to create perfect pieces but find ourselves procrastinating or staring at a blank screen, immobilized by the weight of our goals.

*Introduce the different aspects of creating that need to take place BEFORE you begin
*Learn how to prepare your stations (desk, easel, floor, stand, stage) and routine to establish better habits and routines, resulting in valuable, productive written pieces *Get down to the nitty-gritty of mood, focus and personal needs and how to ensure success



 Workbook and Self-Guided Program Available Soon!

3 things I gained from working with Kimberley:

  – A better thought process for writing

  – The courage to read my work to others

  – A deeper appreciation for journaling


Writing Program

Very satisfied. I gained knowledge on the process of editing and publication, how to organize social media, and an overall confidence in my writing!


Writing Program

I have been a closet writer all of my life, and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to share my writing skills in a safe and inviting environment.  I feel like my writing spark has ignited into a larger flame and I’m ready to tackle a larger project and let my light shine.


Writing Program

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