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These programs are great for those looking to expand their creative knowledge, gain introspection through reflective pieces, get to know themselves better and for businesses looking to drum up writing content for social media or blogs.

After speaking to more than a few people, it became known that there is a need to go beyond to progress further than just setting the goals and making it a true change in our lives.

These programs are about creativity in all forms: writing, painting, sculpting, dancing, singing, business management… All the creative avenues. We NEED to support our true selves by honouring the creative drive. I look to support creatives for LASTING change, going beyond just putting plans on paper. 

Are you ready to expand your creative knowledge, gain introspection through reflective pieces, get to know yourself better and drum up writing content for social media or blogs?

Freedom to Be
Journey Through Healing
4 Week Program 

Supported by techniques and styles while reflecting on who we are as individuals in this ever-changing world, we will identify and explore your many layers while working through unique and interactive activities to open the mind and creative pathways.

Discovering Badass
4 Week Program

This course looks at both the positive and negative aspects of your life while teaching you how to use the negatives to your advantage.

Creatively you: Release the Badass
Creative in You
8 Week Program

This course allows you to dive deeper into your creative journey and success; No messing about, no fear or hesitations, just getting down to it.

Warrior You Mental
Self-Defence Course
8 Week Program 

In this course, we will be using actual self-defence techniques and specific mantras/ affirmations to strike back against and release your negative thoughts and promote feelings of strength and worthiness. Join me in identifying and implementing your personalized mental self-defence to find flow and rhythm in your life.

Life Unleashed
Writing Program
8 Week Program 

The Life Unleashed Writing program provides the opportunity to try different writing styles and helps you release stress and gain creative freedom as you allow your mind to open up and your thoughts to flow.

Independently You:
Release and Flow with Change
8 Week Program 

Join me as we reintroduce ourselves to our new lives through grounding exercises and activities to open the mind and creative pathways while identifying and planning the habits and hobbies we’d like to retain.

These programs are designed to bring together people of all skill levels, from beginners to experts with open minds looking to explore their writing ability while still honouring and navigating their journey of self-discovery.
No prior experience or understanding of writing techniques is necessary.


I’m ready when you are!

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