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Components to Book Writing Program

From Concept to Publication and Promotion

You can feel that burning story swirling through your thoughts.

You’ve come up with a brilliant concept, you can see the characters as clear as day, and the narrative is consuming your mind.

You’re dedicated, determined, and ready to take the leap.

What To Expect

Over the next ten months, prepare to birth the book of your dreams as we spend 1.5 hours every two weeks working through your manuscript and bringing your ideas to reality. Each session begins with a guided meditation to gain focus before you walk through the steps it takes to organize, develop and write your book from concept to publication and promotion. This program includes an in-depth lesson, interactive work period, helpful tips, and guest speakers from publishing houses, published authors, content strategists and other industry experts.

With your sounding board available via email and private 1v1 calls, you will develop the various components of your book, transform any fears into fuel and unleash your inner experience onto the world.  While flushing out your creative ideas, you will remain accountable, engaged and on track during your unique writing experience.  

You’ll develop the tools to let go of the confusion and fear as we navigate the sea of information surrounding writing and publication. I act as a guide providing you with the best information surrounding publication and valuable resources to ensure you remain committed, calm and on task while creating your book.

Attendees will have access to a private Facebook group to share information, their inner thoughts and creative energy,  post their goals and accomplishments with other participants. All lessons, information and relatable websites are accessible via the online classroom.


Limit of 5 people


Registration is required. Zoom login will be provided after registration.

For additional information about the lessons and what is included in this program please connect with me via email.

Breakdown of Experience

Section 1

Meditation: Visualizing Your Finished Book

Focus: Creating Your Book and Accountability

  • Organization and creating a writing plan
  • Goal Setting- Use of schedules and calendar
  • Book outline- Mapping out the chapters and planning book contents
  • Pace- keeping your writing on track
  • Scheduling important dates and milestones


Section 2

Meditation: Breathing Exercise for Stress Reduction

Focus: Editing and Polishing

  • Resources to help with creating a polished book
  • Self- editing, editors and methods
  • Writing and editing resources
  • Obtaining feedback, relentless editing, focus



Section 3

Meditation: Picturing Success

Focus: Publishing and Creating Contracts

  • Self-publishing vs traditional publishing
  • Comparing literary agents and publishers
  • Printing options
  • Steps to publishing


Section 4

Meditation: Celebrating Our Triumphs

Focus: Promotion and Interacting with Future Readers

  • Building your website, social media presence and podcast
  • Blog tours, reviewers and thank yous
  • How to organize your social media and create content
  • Reviewing successful authors and their techniques

Upcoming Classes

Classes will be announced soon

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