Beginnings are exciting and beautiful. They fill us with hope. They represent the blank pages in our story full of unlimited possibilities. Optimism and light. The opportunity for us to be the delightfully naive optimistic Fool.

The part that we seem to forget is that these beginnings come after endings.

Endings that can be hard, painful and soul crushing. They can test the limits of our belief in ourselves, they demand that we come face to face with things that we bury deep inside. These are our Tower moments. The inevitable collapse of our quaint reality. Illuminating the caverns of our psyche so that we can no longer ignore the things that are shoved into the recesses of our minds.

In order to reach the yellow brick road to our new beginning we have to evolve. This requires dedication, consistency and an unconditional love for ourselves. We must move through grief to reach acceptance and take responsibility for our narrative.

One of my new favorite quotes is from Maryann Steiner of the Lily Dale Assembly –

What if you simply devote this year to loving yourself?.

So my dear readers I ask you, what if you simply devote this year to loving yourself? What do you need to release? What do you need to bring in? How would you have to change your expectation of what the future should be so that it reflects your true soul desires and your purest joy?

You deserve infinite happiness. You deserve to be loved for your true soul self. You deserve to be The Magician. The endless creator of your divine physical reality. Because you deserve The World.

So, no matter where you are; in the middle, near the end or at the beginning of a timeline, move forward with grace, compassion and unconditional love for yourself. Be slow, consistent and patient as you revolve back to becoming the naive optimistic Fool.

With Love,


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