Would it be fair to say the 2020 hasn’t been the most wonderful year so far? So I’m just taking a moment to check in with you….. How are you keeping? Are you finding balance, are you at a standstill, or finding yourself slowing beginning to move forward again?

It can feel so overwhelming when your life as you knew it is sent into a tailspin…or forced to an abrupt stop. It can easily feel very stressful and almost hopeless. But there is hope! There always is hope. It might not necessarily look or feel like it, but it is there, tucked away in a small spot. Maybe even appearing to be wedged between a rock and a hard place.

It’s in times of hardship, challenge and overwhelm that we happen to look down, or around that corner or under that pile of stuff, when we can suddenly see a possibility of growth. Maybe not in the way we remember our lives, but a new page that can lead to a new chapter in the same book, or maybe even a different book altogether. Maybe it’s literally a new opportunity. Or maybe it’s a few available minutes each day to start a new practice, hobby, craft or puzzle.

Keep your eyes, heart and mind open. Take a few minutes of spare time to let your imagination start to focus on the small things you see, hear and smell. The world sometimes has the simplest ways to show us that even when we are struggling that we still have it in us to slowly keep moving forward to a new level of brightness.

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